Full Frontal is a radio show on Idobi radio hosted "by a pair of idiots" (Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat). Alex and Jack discusses topics such as bands, fun facts (that are often extremely inappropriate), news (that is also highly inappropriate), and other topics. Full Frontal also has a segment where they call their fans and play a game they call #MasterDebater (Tweet them your phone number) and sometimes quiz them on stupid topics. The official Full Frontal email accounts are ( or ( The episodes of Full Frontal can be found on YouTube, Idobi Radio, and iTunes (download for free.). Sometimes Full Frontal gives away prizes, such as tickets to Riot Fest, and jokingly, an old black-and-white printer. Full Frontal is completely uncensored, inappropriate, and sometimes even racist. No matter who you are, I suggest you stop what you are doing right this second and listen to Full Frontal!

Link to first episode:

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