Zack Merrick

Zachary Steven Merrick was born on April 21, 1988 (age 31) in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents are Mark and Carla Merrick. He has a sister named Samantha. He has hazel eyes. At the end of ninth grade, Zack joined up with the other members of All Time Low. He is the bassist and back up vocalist, but also can play acoustic guitar.

Zack is known to be very quiet through interviews and being on stage. He loves to take pictures, skateboard, and play his bass.

He has many tattoos, several on his arms and one on his chest about his grandmother who passed away. He has an All Time Low skull tattoo as the rest of the band does.

Earlier in 2015, Zack had won best bassist at the APMA's.

Personal Life

Zack was dating Alexandra Felts for a bit in high school until they broke it off.

Zack was the last person to join All Time Low. According to the band, the only reason Zack joined All Time Low was because he could successfully kickflip on a skateboard.


"Life sucks sometimes, but it all happens for a reason and a higher purpose."

"I don't talk very much, because talking without thought is not talking at all."

"And we didn't want to die, so we didn't let Jack drive."

"The sky's the limit. Scratch that you set your limitations, the mind and body can do much more than anyone thinks or believes. So when you wake up tomorrow, forget your limits because you can always do better."

"You may be tan, but you'll never beat my stomach."

"Sometimes life is full of experiences that make your heart and body shake and set your body in a whirl wind of smiles."

"Fuck is my favorite word cause you can't top it."

"Zack's a douchebag, no, Zack's just quiet. Zack's a douchebag, no, Zack's just quiet."

"Keep being crazy, keep being loud. Be yourself because the only thing you have in life is yourself and your friends."

"Beauty is life and living is what everyone strives for. Choose your paths wisely and never look back. And if you decide to look back, glance at the beauty you have chosen in your life."


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